At Lafayette College

Samantha Pastron, PC 16

I strongly feel that all women environments are the best environments. They foster understanding, learning, love and friendship. However, not every ‘all girl environment’ produces the atmosphere that Pi Beta Phi does. I was instantly attracted to Pi Beta Phi because it was clear that these things were important to them. The community that these girls work to create is safe and loving, adventurous and tenacious. It is accepting and inclusive. This is not to say it is a sheltered environment - we are informed and involved outside of our sorority. But out chapter proves to be a place where we share our experiences, inspire each other, and encourage others to be anything and everything they want to be.

Fraynette Familia, PC 17

I chose Pi Beta Phi because Pi Phi, specifically the PA Eta chapter, is never afraid to be different. There is a sense of empowerment and confidence in that lack of fear that attracted me. They accept everyone who accepts them, no matter what color or creed, and they were welcoming when they did it. I felt like I was already a part of the chapter before I even received a bid.

Pi Phis were never afraid to step in to help me in situations, despite practically being a stranger still to my sisters because I was new. In one instance, two sisters caught me having a severe panic attack off campus, and they stayed with me until I got help. They were able to remove the threat from the situation, keep me company, and then call my other friends who knew how to calm me down. I had never experienced such genuine care from a group of girls on campus until I joined Pi Phi. As I battled depression and anxiety throughout the school year, fellow sisters would see that I was missing events and would kindly reach out to me to see if I was okay. It never felt like I was going through it alone. I knew every Sunday night at 8pm, I was going to sit with a group of 74 girls and receive several hugs, smiles, and laughs. Chapter with my sisters it is still the best way to end my week.